Saturday, March 31, 2007


Romans 11:25-36

How sometimes we wish we could tame God. We want him to be like a domesticated animal, responsive to our beck and call and doing what we assign him to do, even allowing us to sit on him and steer him as we would a horse, donkey or buffalo.

How sometimes we wish we could study God. We want to put him in a box and/or under a microscope, studying his reactions in other that we might anticipate his decisions and actions, just like we’ve demystified, debunked and deconstructed so much of this world we’re in.

How sometimes we wish we could advise God. We want to counsel him and tell him what he should do in the running of this world, confident that things would be better if only he would listen to us instead of deciding things all by himself.

How sometimes we wish we could put God in our debt. We want him to shower down blessings in response to our sacrifices and acts of piety; after all, it’s only fair that one good turn deserves another.

How we wish.

The fact of the matter is, however, that God is God, and we are not. Paul recognised this reality when he burst into spontaneous praise of God’s greatness. We must too.

I hope this season of Lent has been a meaningful one for you. Even as we ponder upon the shocking truth that this magnificent and great God died for us in such a horrifying way, let us not forget: He is who He is.

May God’s grace be always with you.



JooJon said... have the makings of a good pastor. Honestly.
You could easily pass as one of the writers for Daily Bread. :)

seejayel said...

Hey! No no no. That wasn't my writing! :( Sigh. So sorry for misleading you. All the entries here are written by all of us (the names on the right of the page), different writers, different entries. I just helped to upload most of them. I wrote some of these entries, but this one in particular isn't written by me.

JooJon said...

Oh I's ok! Yeah, I'm aware of the different names too. I checked all the entries and all of them has your nick. So I thought you were the main contributor to the website.
I didn't know that you help them to upload their stories...hehe. :)

christian said...

this blog sucks ass