Friday, March 2, 2007


Hebrews 4:11-16

It is worth all the struggle in the world to stick to our story as God has written it, so that we may "enter that rest." It is not our outward action that comes under scrutiny, though. The battle is on the inside, against our personal weaknesses, against "thoughts and attitudes of the heart" that are contrary to the Spirit of God.

We are not always truthful, humble or wise enough to know our foibles. The word of God, though, makes them clear to us with words that cut deep. The Bible is not provided as a mere guideline; it is a living and active presence that probes deeply into our lives as we read it, making us aware of how much we fall short compared to the standards given. It calls us to account for our lives. There are times when reading the Bible is a chore - not because I find it dull or uninforming, but because in reading I know I must come face to face with an infinite God and with my deep, dark self.

Fortunately, we have a high priest who stands in the presence of God for us. Jesus has been tempted in the same way, yet he remains sinless. He provides salvation and the model of a sinless life - so that it is possible for us to lead such a life. As we struggle with our flaws on the road to glory, we may confidently enter God's presence to seek the grace and mercy that we need to carry on to the end. There should be no dread in allowing the Word to cut deep into our lives and convict us of sin - but joy and relief that we may lay down our burdens at the foot of the cross; and "godly sorrow that leads to repentance," that so great a price was paid to free us from our sins.

The challenge of Today is to "hold firmly to the faith we profess." A limp grasp, a casual grip, is not enough. We have to cling tightly to the gospel the way a drowning man clings to a proffered float. We need to give the Word space to shine its light into the darkness within, so that we may be alerted to attitudes that do not honour God. To use the words that are flung around in bureaucratic levels today, we are to struggle through a zero tolerance policy towards sin - a struggle that is made possible only by the grace offered through Christ.

Confess your faith (with others) using The Korean Creed*.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is the one true Church, apostolic, and universal, whose holy faith let us now declare:

Minister and People:
We believe in the one God, maker and ruler of all things, Father of all men, the source of all goodness and beauty, all truth and love.

We believe in Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, our teacher, example, and Redeemer, the Savior of the world.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, God present with us for guidance, for comfort, and for strength.

We believe in the forgiveness of sins, in the life of love and prayer, and in grace equal to every need.

We believe in the Word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments as the sufficient rule both of faith and of practice.

We believe in the Church as the fellowship for worship and for service of all who are united to the living Lord.

We believe in the kingdom of God as the divine rule in human society, and in the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.

We believe in the final triumph of righteousness, and in the life everlasting.


*The Methodists of Korea, discouraged by the slow progress toward union of Methodist bodies in America in 1928, appealed to the two respective General Conferences of The Mother Churches (1928 and 1930) for permission to organise an autonomous church. A constitution was drafted and a new creed was written in 1930.

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