Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Romans 1:26-2:11

"To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, God will give eternal life" (Romans 2:11)

How many times have you seen it? Jane does a kind deed to Jack, Jack ‘in return’ insults or makes fun of Jane. Jane then curses and condemns Jack and feels completely justified in believing that Jack is a good for nothing loser and deserves to have his hair set on fire (or something like that).

Being nice to people is one thing. Being extraordinarily kind, sacrificial and all-giving despite continued coldness and hostility from the other party – now that’s a miracle. In fact, that’s Jesus. Crying, praying for and deeply loving the very people who are driving thorns into His head and nails into his hands and feet.

It’s easy to recall how often we’ve behaved like “Jack” towards people, towards our intensely loving God. It’s hard to remember in the midst of our anger and unkindness that if God was like “Jane”, it would’ve been Game Over for all of us a long time ago. It’s impossible to not be overwhelmed by the fact that God came to earth and suffered and died so that we become less like Jack, more than Jane and very like Jesus.

1. Who are the Jacks, Jane and, most importantly, the Jesus' in your life?

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